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We bought Aquarius in 1997 after several years of trying to decide what sort of yacht we wanted and, most importantly, what sort we could afford. Our dream for many years had been to buy a yacht with the intention of sailing it around the world. After many sailing trips on OP's (other people's boats) we were able to compile lists of essential and desirable criteria for the search of our boat. Every weekend we visited marinas, searched through yacht brokers' listings - all with no luck. Eventually, just as we were beginning to think that our hunt would never end, a friend suggested we have a look at a boat in Manly that belonged to a friend of his. The friend was looking to sell the boat but had not advertised it for sale. As an aside, a long time before an old sailor had told us that "you will know when you find your boat". As we walked down the dock at Manly and first caught sight of Aquarius, Libby and I knew we had at last found our boat. Once aboard, we found that all our essential and most of the desirable criteria were met. The rest is our story..........

Sunday, April 8, 2012


After 5 wonderful years enjoying the peace and beauty of Langkawi we have decided its time to at last move on. We have had such a great time exploring the rest of asia while using Langkawi as a base from which to travel. But now the seas beckon and the travel lust has stirred us into action and to seek more sailing adventures. We had earlier planned to sail to the east coast of Malaysia and rediscover places that we have earlier visited while backpacking - such as Tioman, Kuantan etc. However, we have now decided to leave Malaysia and head west across the Indian Ocean toward South Africa. Over the past few years we have met a lot of South African cruising yachties and their vivid and enthusiastic descriptions of their homeland has our mouths watering at the thought of the exploring that lies ahead of us. Our plan is to leave Malaysia in mid-June and sail south through Indonesia entering the Indian Ocean via the Sunda Strait that separates Java and Sumatra. The passage then will be Cocos-Keeling Islands, Rodrigues Island, Mauritius, Reunion Island and finally Richards Bay in South Africa. We expect to make landfall in South Africa mid to late October 2012.

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